Make sure your command client for TFS is downloaded and set to PATH variables

Refer link: How to Set TFS environment on the local machine


Before checkout process, TFS prefers to create local workspace for your repository.

If your rempte repository is associated with https:// Please ensure your machine is set with following environment variable


1. Create local Repository for the first time

tf workspace -new -collection:

Now your Local TFS Path is created for the server path you used. Use the following command to get the TFS workspaces available on your machine

tf workspaces

2. Create workfold ( one time process )

Goto your directory ( workfold ):

Map the repository for the first time for you local path.

tf workfold -workspace:workspacename -map   $/../../Code   /../../../LOCALPATH -login:sandeg,*****

It will map the local folder to TFS repo

3. Get the files (or project) from repo

Now use get which is to update the local repository with TFS server

tf get -recursive -login:username,password

All Set with your local repositories..

4. Checkin Process

All you need to work with your files and commit the changes.

If you have any new files use add option before checkin

tf add folder -recursive

Please checkin your local changes

tf checkin folder-recursive

Observe -recursive will find the changes in sub folders will operate options on all the su folders


Thank you for Referring  Techiehints. ..